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Digital Billboard Advertising

Technology has the power to influence a consumer’s buying decisions. Digital billboard advertising is the wave of the future and the perfect medium to enhance that relationship. These billboards are controlled by computers which can allow you to stream live data and/or user-generated content in real time! Whether you’re interested in an outdoor digital billboard ad, electronic LCD tops (like the ones you see on taxis), a large LED screen placed in a high traffic area or a scrolling light box poster, your budgetary and creative needs can be easily met.
The exact cost of digital billboard advertising depends on several factors including: location, demand, time of the year and campaign duration. Location means how many people will be viewing this billboard daily. For example, Times Square digital billboard advertising has a 1.5 million DEC, which means that approximately 1.5 million people (18 years old+) pass by Times Square digital billboards daily. Demand is based on how many other advertisers want the billboard that you choose. Rates for June, July and August are usually lower than the rates in November and December. Campaign duration is an important factor because you can actually save money by making longer term commitments.


  • Back-lit
  • Eye-catching from far
  • Campaigns require less advanced notice
  • Can easily change the image on the billboard (you can even change the ad every week of your campaign!)