What is a "channel partnership" and is it right for my firm or agency?

The need for channel partnerships in today's environment

We must all specialize in niche services so that we may deliver the best quality to our clients without dilution. However, our clients have busy lives and love the simplified model of working with one or two vendors to serve all their advertising, marketing and communication automation needs. Through a channel partnership with InspiriaMedia Group you can now provide a broader service offering without having to hire and train additional staff! Continue to nurture and grow your great, long term relationships by leveraging the experienced team of professionals at InspiriaMedia Group. As a result, you will continue to be the most valued partner to your clients but in a much more comprehensive way! 


How Does It Work?

The team at InspiriaMedia Group works with our channel partners in one of two ways and you should choose the way that works best for you . . . 

  1. We provide behind-the-scenes service delivery and your client only faces you. 
  2. We provide joint sales and support and your client is aware that we have a joint venture in service delivery on certain aspects of their campaigns. Either way, your company earns the same revenue splits and your clients grow with you rather than going elsewhere for additional services!