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20 Apr, 2017

Sales Reporting Made Easy with the HubSpot Sales Templates Pipeline Template

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Sales-Reporting-Made-Easy.jpgYou're probably already aware that when a prospect first inquires with your business, they are not necessarily going to become a customer and even less likely to become a customer upon first interaction. Let go of those messy post-its,  impossible excel sheets andlearn how you can add a deal with a single click. 





The consumer buying process has changed with the evolution of technology and this has mandated that the sales process also evolve.

Sales Process Aligned

The process of managing a prospect through the sales process until they become a customer is also known as a sales pipeline. With a free sales pipeline template you can monitor every stage of the deal, calculate the probability weighted value of every deal and stop wasting your time trying to figure out what to do next.




As a rapidly growing marketing agency we have had modify our sales process to match those of our clients. - maybe add more here on how it's helped us.   


It is key for businesses to stay on top of their sales pipeline and monitor every stage of the deal.  You may already have a process in place that sounds similar to this - but does it involve a spreadsheet? Spreadsheets make the sales process an impossible task with logging, inflexible formulas and pesky Excel errors.  In order to improve the efficiency of your business you have to invest in your sales process. 




While the HubSpot CRM provides answers to a lot of the major pain points of the sales industry, perhaps one of the essential aspects are the reporting features. Sales reports give you access to invaluable data that is generated by your team as they work. Tracking performance and the value of your pipeline is the only way to stay on top of your business and ensure your pipeline's overall health.

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