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17 Apr, 2017

Marketing Roundup: 7 Critical Marketing Blog Posts from our CMO

Outdoor Advertising, Inbound + Digital Marketing, monthly roundup

marketing-round-up.jpegHere is our Monthly Roundup: 7 Critical Marketing Blog Posts from our CMO  


1. When Out of Home and Mobile Collide 

Many industries and brands have adapted to this trend and are reaping the benefits. For the travel industry, this is crucial as they usually list as a high-ticket item with a lot of competition.

2. 7 Crucial Steps to take Before Launching a New Inbound Marketing Website

Inbound Marketing website's can be extremely effective when set up properly. Learn a simple approach before starting your own inbound marketing website. 


3. What are Negative Keywords?

Learn how negative keywords can help the right types of people find your product of service. 


4. 3 Types of Retargeting to Reinforce Your Online Campaigns 

When someone visits your website, you have a short window to engage them before they leave and continue browsing. Retargeting allows you to stay engaged with website visitors and more! 


5. Why You Should be Thinking About CRM and Marketing Automation in 2017

Here is why you should be considering CRM and marketing automation solutions in 2017.


6. Mastering Social Media with InspiriaMedia Group's Director of Digital + Inbound Marketing 

Five important tips to mastering social media for your business.


7. The Benefits of Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation allows you to do basic, yet important marketing actions, better than you would ever be able to do manually. 

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