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23 Feb, 2017

4 Surprising Reasons Facebook Likes Don't Matter Anymore

Inbound + Digital Marketing, Social Media, Facebook

Facebook introduced the like button in the early part of 2009. Right away, marketers were told the key to success on Facebook was a strong brand page with lots of likes. A few years later, Facebook reduced traffic to brand pages, and likes became harder than ever to get. If your flow of new Facebook likes has slowed to a crawl, don't worry about it. Here are the surprising reasons likes don't matter as much anymore and what you should be thinking about. 

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16 Feb, 2017

Yawn... Give Your Content Marketing Some Impact!

Inbound + Digital Marketing, Content Marketing

Content marketing is an extremely effective tactic for attracting new customers and boosting sales, but it also can be quite time-consuming. The good news is that there are many great resources available today that make it easier and more efficient to create and manage content that really stands out. Here is a look at some of the best free resources to get you on the right track.

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12 Jan, 2017

Don't Miss These 4 Social Media Trends That Will Grow in 2017

Inbound + Digital Marketing, Social Media

People said social media wouldn't last, or it was just for young people, or there was no ROI for businesses. Yet, here we are, at the very start of 2017, and you probably have several social media accounts for your business or to keep up with family and friends. Social media has matured, and here are four trends you can expect to grow even bigger this year.

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03 Jan, 2017

Annual Roundup: Top 7 Marketing Blog Posts From Last Year To Get You Ready for 2017

Inbound + Digital Marketing, monthly roundup

While 2016 was filled with plenty of surprises, the marketing topics listed in this annual roundup do not come as a surprise to our marketing team. In 2016, marketing professionals saw a fundamental shift in sales & marketing, a push for video content, the success of outdoor advertising rising and much more! 

 The start of the New Year is a great time to reflect on the best moments in marketing. 

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08 Dec, 2016

Why You Should be Thinking About CRM and Marketing Automation in 2017

Sales & Marketing, CRM, Inbound + Digital Marketing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and marketing automation are helping businesses streamline marketing operations and build more profit. Here is why you should be considering CRM and marketing automation solutions in 2017.




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06 Dec, 2016

4 Last Minute Digital Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Email Marketing, Inbound + Digital Marketing, Facebook Ads

By mid-December, 90 percent of shoppers still haven't finished their holiday shopping lists. The main reason? They can't figure out what to buy. That means you can still make sales right up to the end of the season. Here are some last-minute digital marketing ideas you can implement right away.



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29 Nov, 2016

Does Your Business Have Brand Ambassadors Working For it?

Inbound + Digital Marketing, brand engagement, brand ambassadors

One of the most targeted forms of advertising is already available to your business: your current customers. By nurturing those who are already fans of your brand, by providing them with the latest news on your company and products that they'll get excited about, and by providing them with incentives for spreading the word, you can increase sales with minimal investment and residual returns as word about your brand spreads. 

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22 Nov, 2016

Improve Sales & Profits in Your Business with a Marketing Dashboard!

Inbound + Digital Marketing, Marketing Dashboard

Does your business have difficulty tracking vital analytical data in real time? If so, an integrated marketing dashboard may be the perfect solution. These dashboards offer up-to-date information in an easy-to-read format, giving your company the tools it needs to make informed marketing decisions in an effort to boost both sales and profits.


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15 Nov, 2016

Stop Making these 4 Email Marketing Mistakes

Email, Email Marketing, Inbound + Digital Marketing

 Email marketing can be a powerful tool. When used correctly, it can provide an excellent return on your investment. Studies show that the average person receives about 120 emails every day. This means that you must create an email that stands out from the rest and one that persuades the consumer to take action. Unfortunately, many businesses make one of the simple email marketing mistakes listed below. Instead of enticing the consumer to make a purchase, they actually push the customer away.




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27 Oct, 2016

In-Sourced or Outsourced? Learn How the Best Marketers Determine the Right Approach

Marketing, Inbound + Digital Marketing, Outsource

Every company has a decision to make when it comes to promoting their business. For instance, should they handle their marketing services completely in-house or outsource some or all of these services? Many companies choose to insource their marketing services because they are hesitant to hand the reigns over to someone else and believe that no one will understand their business goals and brand as well as they do.

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