Hubspot support services




Why pay full hourly rates for service & support?

Rather than paying full rates, we encourage our clients to work with us to estimate their annual support needs and lock in a discounted hourly rate!

  • Dedicated support representative
  • Priority turnaround
  • Predictable budgeting 

What if I exceed my maintenance plan hours?

No problem. You're "grandfathered" into the hourly rate of your maintenance plan for two full years!


 Basic Plan

This plan is ideal for companies that have an internal marketing team but need a few hours per week of support from an outside partner. 

One Hundred Fifty (150) Annual Hours


Choose The Plan That Works For You

27% Discount    Hourly Rate = $110 = $16,500 annually (prepaid)

20% Discount    Hourly Rate = $120 = $4,500 paid quarterly

 Builder Plan

For the marketer who needs a more frequent outside partner to handle marketing strategy and delivery.


Two Hundred Fifty (250) Annual Hours


Choose The Plan That Works For You

37% Discount    Hourly Rate = $95 = $23,750 annually (prepaid)

30% Discount    Hourly Rate = $105 = $6,562.50 paid quarterly

Custom Plan

We support businesses large and small from vanity websites to e-commerce and tailor our packages based on the client's growth goals.

For businesses with a higher estimated volume of annual requirements, OR businesses seeking a full Inbound Marketing strategy for growth.

Discuss A Custom Plan 


With such a powerful marketing and sales tool in your hands and a meaningful financial commitment to your software license with HubSpot, you'll want to ensure that your company is realizing the full value of the platform. As a globally top-tiered Certified HubSpot Partner agency, the professional team at InspiriaMedia Group can support you in all matters related to Inbound Marketing and the management and growth of your website. From strategy to integration to HubSpot COS website design and development and the HubSpot CRM, InspiriaMedia Group supports marketers of all sizes.