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Advertise at the White Plains City Center

InspiriaMedia can help showcase your business before hundreds of thousands of people who pass through the popular White Plains City Center on a monthly basis. 

The center, the crown jewel of the city’s downtown area, is a 1.1 million-square-foot complex featuring a mix of retail, entertainment and business facilities, together with 600 units of residential housing. A popular destination for shoppers, it includes Barnes & Noble, Nordstrom Rack and Target, together with the restaurants Asian Temptation, Atlanta Bread Company, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Cold Stone Creamery, in addition to Bank of America, Capital One Bank, HSBC Premier, the 15-screen state-of-the-art National Amusements Movie Theater & ShopRite.

Think about the potential buyers your business could attract in one of Westchester’s most popular locations for out-of-home advertising. Take, for instance, the scrolling and static light box posters we’ve placed in various locations throughout the City Center. These attractive displays provide vibrant signage to get your message across. Other eye-popping placements include our elevator door wraps, escalator wraps, auto placement and promotional kiosks.

  • White Plains City Center
  • White Plains City Center
  • White Plains City Center
  • White Plains City Center
  • White Plains City Center


  • Automobile Placement (exterior courtyard)
  • Digital Advertising
  • Elevator Door Advertising
  • Escalator Advertising
  • Light Box Advertising
  • Medium Static Posters
  • Large Static Posters
  • Mega Static Poster

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