Website Maintenance Packages Tailored to Your Requirements

Why pay full hourly rates?

Rather than paying full price, we encourage our clients to work with us to estimate their annual support needs and lock in a discounted hourly rate!

  • Dedicated support representative
  • Submit requests to your marketing team
  • Priority turnaround
  • Predictable budgeting 

Basic Plan 

Ideal for smaller businesses that require a limited but ongoing need for website and creative changes.


Fifteen (15) Annual Support Hours

Discounted Hourly Rate = $135

Total $2,025 per year

Moderate Plan

Ideal for businesses that require a moderate need for ongoing website and creative changes


Fifty (50) Annual Support Hours

Discounted Hourly Rate = $115

Total $5,750 per year

Custom Plan

For businesses with a higher estimated volume of annual requirements, OR businesses seeking a full Inbound Marketing strategy for growth, please click below to discuss a custom plan.

Discuss A Custom Plan 

What if I exceed my maintenance plan hours?

No problem! You're "grandfathered" into the hourly rate of your maintenance plan for your first two years!